Simultaneously, we can concentrate on the youth in the Philippines. We want to minimalise reasons for them to leave the country and offer them perspectives in their own country with this project . “To give them a chance at home”.Ty and Pulmano

Page 9,2nd paragraph


Ironic but true.It’s  sad that  Filipinos find  greener pasture abroad when the truth is, opportunity is in the eye of the beholder.Thanks God that there are group of  Filipinos who are being  migrants themselves yet endeavors not just to bring dollars home but to bring the ideas and technology also.Such a noble cause! We need leaders who will bring depressed communities from the life that they have to the life that they could have!


The projects are doing well and are even partially self sustainable.Nonoy Ty: “Challenges remain. We wish to expand our projects to other areas, but lack the funds for that. We’re now standing with the challenge of requesting support from large organizations. That means we need to speak their language.Nonoy Ty

Page 9,2nd to the last paragraph


Indeed, PASALI’s connection to large organizations who are willing to help is an edge but we need not to depend on them solely.I think Pasali, being an NGO has to be entrepreneurial. We have already the great ideas and the technology  that we can use to generate income while waiting for the assistance of those organization.

We can never give what we don’t have so, let us aspire for income that is more than enough the needs of Pasali.


As farmers are mainly concerned with production: like preparing the land,plant the seeds, control pest and harvest, they can also participate in the processing/milling and trading of their produce. Farmers with family members abroad or return home can tap these return migrants to especially participate in value chain for empowerment and improved livelihood.Ty and Pulmano

Page 20,4th paragraph


What an empowerment! The introduction of value chain in rice production will surely  pave a way for socio-economic development of the assisted communities; as this allows greater return on investment. Farmers will enjoy the fruits of their labor and feel morale being a farmer.


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