…an IP village of Biao organized by PPF was hit by ” Cholera outbreak” which killed 23 people, mainly children and elderly.PPF, will develop further a community-based disaster risk reduction/preparedness strategy.( Ty,22).

Cholera bacteria can lie dormant in water for long periods, and contaminated public wells are frequent sources of large-scale cholera outbreaks. Cholera epidemics are most likely to occur in communities without adequate sanitation and in areas affected by natural disasters or war.

( http://www.MayoClinic.com)

I think the introduction of proper sewage system is one of the most practical step we can make to reduce the risk of cholera outbreak.

2.In case that strong typhoons hit he coastal areas of  Kanipaan again, what is the preparedness strategy Pasali has prepared to protect all its investments in the community?

3.What and how is the monitoring done in the 1100 families (around 6,600 people)  that were reached by Pasali through organic rice farming? ( Ty,24)


One thought on “3 Questions

  1. These are good questions/remarks Dawn. It would be good for you to make sure you have answers to them the coming months!

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