My experience in going to Sitio Kitao, Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat where the SRI (System of Rice Intensification) model farm of Pasali is located is full of surprises.
I’ve been told it’s far ;that we have to cross rivers and a bridge.Going there is like making a way where there is no way but it was all a fun experience.Thanks to the trailer we don’t have to cross rivers on foot.

Adrenaline Rush in the River

By the time we crossed the second river we thought it was just shallow, not until we were stuck in the middle. As Datu, one of the Tech-boys, tries to get us up to the land, the trailer was struggling that it is splashing water above us. I said to myself, ” Di bale nang mabasa huwag lng ang camera”.(i don’t care getting wet but no way  to  the camera thing.)


we get out, or we get wet.


With all the difficulties of getting there, i never expected such a beautiful model farm of SRI. By the time we arrived in the house of  Mr. Roy Pandian, I was astonished at  such a breath-taking, bountiful farm.This farm really stands out from the rest.  I saw not just one field but many hectares of different rice varieties grown the SRI way. It’s really possible! If only all the farmers will be brave to take risks and be diligent,  they can have all their rice fields at SRI  because Mr. Roy has done it! I think any SRI practicing farmer or any would-be  practitioner should have a tour in this  model farm so they will have a big picture of what SRI really is.

The farmer and his family is so hospitable that they did not only tour us in his rice field but prepared  lunch for us also with the native chickens they have.


Mr.Roy Pandian, beside his home grown "Dragon Fruit"



"me feeling the freshness of the air in the farm"



"Savoring the Tinola made by the Pandian's



Orchids in the farm of Kuya Roy



The documentation team on field



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