My  Experiences in a documentation Course

The beauty of a Kanipaan Beach

Photography, Press Kit  making and going on field in Palimbang are all new to me but i find it all interesting.My experiences with Pasali has brought me so many first times in my life like being in Palimbang.

It’s all been packaged.Before, it was just a dream of mine to know photography..just a sigh.Now, i just don’t learn it, but use it for a purpose.
One thing that i try to cope with is my PR with the farmers,their families and the tech boys being the constituents of Pasali. I had a hard time interviewing the farmers because first of all,i have to admit, i don’t know what to ask except for the transactional questions.I don’t know farming that is why i let my partner (ate Tata )do the asking while i do the recording and the picture taking.The advantage when i let my partner do the interview is that she can speak the  language of the Moro farmers.

Marilyn Ty,a partner interviews Mr. Florante Sabiwang; an SRI practitioner in Brgy. Kolong2x


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