” The most important thing is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing.”

One of Pasali’s goal is to expand in scope yet remain small in size to avoid bureaucracy. It wants its constituents to become greater than itself. It wants to serve the people rather than being served. Pasali could have initiated different income generating activities per Barangay or per family or a group of families but the idea of involving the whole community is much more important than an individual enterprise.

“We are into rice industry and if only¬† Palimbang lands are tilled, it has the potential to supply the whole country’s need for rice”, says Nonoy Ty, one of the founders of Pasali Philippines Foundation. Palimbang has a total land area of 97,574.7310 hectares.

Pasali wants to create a community that patronize its product. Through the System of rice intensification( SRI) technology and the value-chain process, the farmers can have bigger profit. Eventually, these farmers can afford their organic rice which is usually priced higher than the well- milled rice in the marketplace. If the Palimbang People will patronize the Palimbang rice, it will create an impact to the surrounding Cities that their product has a high brand equity.


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