When I was in grade one, I had an embarrassing experience. One day, during a flag ceremony, I came late, just a few seconds late. It was my first time to be late in my life because in my preschool days, my school is just a walking distance from our house and the teacher is just my neighbor.

I did not know that when the national anthem is sung, everyone should stop walking. I was so near in the line where my classmates fell in line when the national anthem started that is why I rushed to get in the line. After the flag ceremony, my teacher called me up to the stage and showed me to the principal. My teacher was angry because the principal reprimanded Sher. She left me under the sun after the ceremony  and I kept crying until a classmate of mine checked on me of how I was doing. When I answered him, the fluid inside my nose bubbled and he laughed at me. I was so embarrassed and so angry that I said to myself, ‘’I won’t go to school again!.’’


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