Last two weeks, Shane and I had a brainstorm on the slogan for the PASALI press kit. The last slogan was the one that was chosen.This took us a more than one day  to realize.

”A migrant initiative empowers tri-people communities to sustainable brain gain.”

”Brain gain: a migrant initiative transforms the tri-people community”

Tri-people communities become self sustainable to the very end. Forever.

Once war-torn now self sustaining, peaceful tri-people villages.

War-torn tri-peoples transform into self-sustaining technologically empowered villages.

Villages become agriculturally and technologically self sustainable through migrant brain gain.

”A Migrant initiative brings brain gain to tri people communities with the introduction of sustainable technology.”

”A Migrant initiative creates self sustainable tri people communities, empowered with technology and enterprise.”

”A migrant initiative creates brain gain by empowering tri people communities with sustainable hydro and agro technology.”

”A migrant initiative realizes brain gain in tri-people communities empowered by sustainable hydro- and agro- technology.”

Lessons learned

1. Never under estimate the time frame in making a slogan. This one sentence might take you more than a day.

2.Listen to advices three days before your deadline. Not all the time editing is easy specially when you are given more than one tasks simultaneously. Spare yourself from this trouble. Be brave enough to say no when you know you’re not gonna make it to the deadline.

3. Welcome critics three days before your deadline.


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