Yesterday, Shane taught us how to make an introduction in a proposal. My assignment is about creating a system in the rental of tractors, threshers and the business of Guano and weeder in the Pasali technical center in Kanipaan, Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat. The following guidelines can also be used in making any other proposals.

1. Make an executive summary. This summary provides a brief overview of the proposed new rental system. It gives the reader a hint of what I will be talking about and the relevance of my writings.  For a logical arrangement, first, it should state the current problem or situation and its effects. Next, cite your solution and how it can best address the problem. Preferably, this summary must not exceed one page.

2. Make your first and second sentence not just informative but also persuasive.

3. State your subject.

4. State all involved stakeholders . Include all individuals or groups who are concerned in the business. In this case, it will be the founder, the farmers, Pasali office staff and technical center staff  in Palimbang .  There are four aspects a writer should look into when writing 1.)political aspect- refers to laws, regulations.

2.)economic aspect- refers to the income of the Pasali technical center and the farmers.

3.)social aspect- look into how your proposal will affect the lives, relationships of the people involved.

4.)personal aspect- this include your personal remarks, opinions.

5. Define unfamiliar terms.

6. Don’t forget the 6 w’s- who,what, when, where, how and why. They are indispensable.


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