…just another eye opening first time experience of mine.

Last Friday , Pasali staff and I went up to Sitio Pait, Alabel, Sarangani province together with two visitors from the department of foreign affairs and two visitors from Scalabrini migration center in Manila. They came to see the intervention made by Pasali in a water scarce Blaan community upland.

We had a breath catching going up and a hard time going down to the water pump near a spring because of the very steep, slippery slope after the rain.  One time, I had to walk with my feet and hands to enable me to pass through a cliff- like way. When we arrived at the pump site, we hear the constant pumping of the machine down. There are two pumps. One pump works to collect water in a spring. The other works to pump the collected water up. Knowing these pumps are nature propelled, I and the visitors were simply amazed of the very efficient and sustainable technology designed by AIDFI, a Pasali partner.  Then, we saw the millions worth of pesos pump installed by the Americans nearby that is not functioning and fuel run. We shook our heads of the very unwise investment made by the local government before. An AIDFI pump cost only 14,000 pesos.

The presence of clean water up the mountain transformed their community. It improved their quality of life. As we went back to the top, a mother told me the pump helped them a lot. They don’t have to go down to the spring and only bring limited containers.  Now, they have access to water 24/7 at the top.

As we went down back to where our van is, I encountered a boy carrying a container filled with water going back to his house. I figured out, this boy lives a little bit far from crux of Sitio Pait where the water tank is located. If the boy still walks to get water, meaning, he would have walked more today if the Ram pump was not installed.

Reveren Fabbio Baggio of Scalabrini migration center commented,’’ there are more villages that needs water pumps like this.”


2 thoughts on “Maria went to the mountain

  1. There are four major subject here that deserve proper attention. First its the impact of the pump to the community, which you have rightly stressed by beginning and starting with it. Second its the visit of those from DFA and Scalabrini. Third, its your trip down that mountain.
    Fourth, its the technicalities of the pump itself. Choose one that you’ll focus on as the leading rope and the rest you’ll tied in the story. I suggest you use YOUR TRIP down there as lead.

    Why where YOU there? Write a line or two about that. Weave it into: The reason why you’re at that mountain is their visit, so open with them coming there. Tell me how they experience the climb. How you experience the climb. Then as you arrive at the pump, describe it to me. How does it work? How did the visitors react? How did you feel about the pump?

    Then describe your way back. Tell me about the kid holding the water.

    The visitors stopped at the village square, so tell me how the community is like. Did you speak to a mother? What did she say about how the pump changed their lives?

    Then go back to the visitors. What impression did they give you?

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