Only this time that I saw such a water pump that requires neither electricity nor fuel; low in maintenance, low in installation and repair cost; yet, can pump to high elevations 24/7.

Pasali in partnership with AIDFI who developed this multi- awarded “hydraulic ram pump” brings potable water to elevated areas. Ram pumps are water pumping devices that are powered by falling water. The pump works by using the energy of water falling to a small height to lift a small amount of that water to a much greater height.

The size of ram pumps vary from ¾ to 6 diameter. The least costs 14, 000 pesos while the commonly installed one diameter pump costs 17,000 pesos including the installation cost. Compared to commonly used motor and fuel operated pumps, Ram pump is a lot cheaper yet the most sustainable. The source of water determines the size of pump to be used. The more water, the bigger size of pump can be used. In fact, a six diameter pump can be used for irrigation purposes upland.

Since 2008, among the installed places are Cebu (2 units), Bacolod, Davao, Sarangani province ( 2 villages) Cotabato (2 villages) and Palimbang Sultan Kudarat. Some installations are requested and funded by the local government.

These pumps are installed by trained youths who are not college degree holders, some didn’t even finish high school. They were trained in TESDA, AIDFI and PASALI technical center. These youths train the locals to maintain the pumps. The first step in installation is to survey the area and probe for the eye of the water.

Presence of accessible and clean water in the mountains is necessary and improves the quality of life of the people. Women and children don’t have to walk for hours and only get limited water. Children can take a bath and wash daily. People won’t get gastro intestinal diseases and parasites from drinking unclean water.

For now, lobbying is done in the local government of Palimbang for the funding of an installation in Biao, an indigenous community in Palimbang Sultan kudarat. Hopefully, the local government will fund more if not ALL of its community in the mountain outskirts.


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