In a study conducted by Synovate research firm about OFW’s, they found out that OFW ( Overseas Filipino Workers) family/beneficiaries observed several attitude or behavior changes among their OFW family members. Here is the rundown of those observations:

preference for gadgets- 48 %

preference for branded or signature clothes- 43%

preference for foreign made shoes and bags- 37 %

preference for food in their host countries- 33%

Socially conscious- 43%

Health conscious- 37%

Appearance/grooming conscious- 33%

Independent- 29%

More concerned about their families- 23%

More punctual- 22%

More open about their thoughts and feelings- 17%

“ The study observed that OFW’s imbibe the traits that they find agreeable with and advantageous back home.”- Meanwhile this is true and worth to note, I know of two OFWs and their families remit not only some of these characteristics and money but also TECHNOLOGY to a rural community of Palimbang Sultan Kudarat. Nonoy Ty, a social worker and Felix Pulmano,a seafarer in Netherlands, visions what they call “ braingain” ( transfer of ideas, knowledge and skills) to the Philippines since 1994.

Felix Pulmano

Nonoy Ty

Ty and Pulmano planned to bring knowledge from overseas for improvement of village life. When the two won in a migrant idea contest, they used their prize money to put up a technical center in Palimbang( Ty’s hometown) in 2005. The Technical center forms the start of Pasali Philippines Foundation. The center became the site for the organization’s initial projects- fishing training, System of Rice intensification training, virgin coconut oil processing for women and mechanical needs of the community. Recently, the center in cooperation of local farmers were able to develop their first mechanized weeder. The tool not only uproots weeds but remarkably, increases yields.

If all overseas Filipino workers would do the same as Ty and Pulmano did- contributing to sustainable economic development, will Filipinos need to go abroad to find greener pasture for next 10 to 20 years?

Source list: Jerry E. Esplanada(2010), OFWs also remit cultures of hosts, says study, Philippine Daily Inquirer, page 4


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