” Few outside the Catholic church believe that the exploding population is anything but a major impediment to solving the country’s poverty woes.” -Lonely Planet ( The Culture, page 42).

I have no objection to the writer who wrote about population of  the Philippines but to those ” few ” who believes that the exploding population is the major cause of poverty. I don’t believe that.

Look at China. It is the most populated country as of this year, having 1,330,141,295  people but it is not the poorest one. To explain in a micro context, let me tell you a story. My Pastor knows a man with 19 children but all professinals now. They are not rich neither they are poor. I have an uncle, my mother’s brother. He has only three children but none of them goes to college. Reasons? They cannot afford to send their children to school. However, they can afford to buy motorcycle.

What do you think makes a nation poor? It’s population count, or the people’s mindset?

Source list: Lonely planet( The Culture, page 42, paragraph 4)


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