Before, I thought that unity in writing refers only to unity of pronoun ( are you going to write in the first person, as a participant, or in the third person, as an observer?). I thought it was just about unity of tense ( are you going to use past tense, present tense, etc.) but it is also about unity of mood.

Mood in writing is deciding which tone you will use ( formal or informal). Unity of mood is also about your approach to your reader. This means controlling your writing lest you write like a reporter at first, then become like a travel brochure in the next paragraph and end like a guidebook.

Here are tips  from the author of the book ” On writing well”:

Ask yourself some basic questions beore you start.

1. Are you going to write like a reporter? provider of information? average man or woman?

2. What pronoun and tense am I going to use?

3. What style? Impersonal reportorial, personal but informal? Personal and casual?

4. What attitude am I going to take towards the material? Involved? Detached? Judgemental? Ironic? Amused?

5.How much do I want to cover? What one point do I want to make?

I only learned about this now that I am graduate in college. Funny but there are basic things you don’t learn in school . I realized everyone can write but not everyone can write well.

Could it be that a good writer makes a good speaker also?



One thought on “Writing in unity

  1. Yes.

    Its harder than most people think, because often people write better than they speak or vice versa. And a good speaker will take the time to write his or her words down before they speak it out. Stand-up comedians are writers first before they stand-up – they write out their script and practice it untill the timing is perfect. Presidents’ have a batallion of writers who write out their speeches.

    Good clear writing will read as if the writer themselves is with the reader. You write as you speak and you speak as you write.

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