Just woke up from bed, Hari drinks his favorite native coffee. Then, he packs his bag and water bottle and kicks off his bike for the farm even without breakfast. For a farmer like Hari, going to the farm very early in the morning is a habit for over 30 years in farming. As a seasoned farmer, he experienced different kinds of farming already- from conventional farming which is heavily dependent on chemical fertilizers, to seed growing, to System of Rice Intensification( SRI)  which uses bat manure as fertilizer and natural pest control like synchronized planting, salt solutions, goat manure, urine or less chemical pesticide as a last resort.  Also, in the SRI Rice Contract farm that he manages in Palimbang, weeds are handpicked and used with smart technology called weeders  which is far more ecological than using chemical herbicides that destroys  microbial activity in the soil and harms the health of the farmer and animals.

For the past years he suffers from toenail damage but since become an SRI practitioner back in 2008, his toenail came “back to life”, he tells.


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