Biao- IP Manobo community located 18 kilometers up from San Roque Palimbang, up scales its corn farming. From prevalent hunger back in 2005 to surpluses this year, the tribal chieftain Duma says his community produces up to 10, 000 kilos of corn already these past months. They have four cropping of corn in a year, all rain fed and organically grown. Besides, more value is added in their production as a new corn sheller was raised for them by a migrant family last year. Before the Manobos use their bare hands/ feet to shell out cobs, now the machine which is fabricated in PASALI technical center shells out up to 200 sacks of corn in a day. As the community’s productivity increased, so is their managing ability. Vilma, the tribal chieftain wife and pioneering village teacher says for every sack of corn, they collect 15 pesos for the maintenance fee and the laborers.

Moreover, they have expanded their rice farm up to 5 hectares where they harvest the known nutritious “ Bulaw( Golden) rice”. Each hectare produces about 70 sacks.

Some organized women grows vegetables and spices more than their family’s consumption. These women (both young and old) trades 100- 300 bundles of native spring onions and green leafy vegetables like Spinach Malabar and more others.

On top of the corn boom is the advent of giant Tilapia farming started last March. Two fishponds are already cultivated for reproduction. Meanwhile, an active youth with over 20 Tri- people members from two villages built a fishpond already and are just waiting for Tilapia fingerlings.

Biao is a picture of a progressive growth in food production mainly because their tribal leader dreams. He knows what he wants for his community. Also, opportunities for growth keep coming because those who help want to help more. It’s a boost how they manage the small things and multiply them ( things and ideas) into surpluses.

Biao Food Produce

Food 2008 2009 2010 2011
Corn (per hectare) 60 corncobs 100 120 140
Rice (per hectare) 55 sacks 60 70 Harvest on September
Fruits:  Planted
     Mango 40 seedlings
     Coconut 50 seedlings
     Guava 15
     Durian 20 seedlings
     Coffee 500
  • Fruits not harvested yet

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