The recent motorized weeder design  must be fine tuned to adapt to farmer’s needs. Here are some suggestions to further improve its output.

1.  Change the blade. Due to dysfunctional  motorized weeders lately, we used more manual weeders. We observed that the blade of the manual is more extensive in removing the weeds than the mechanized. In the motorized, only the part that the blade hits get cleaned so the weeds that grow in the base part of the plant is not carried off.

its blades are wider and have a deeper cleaning action. The blades are located at the base thus, it does not tear the plant leaves as it rotates. What if we put the blade of the manual into the motorized one?

2. Find a suitable gear box for wet land weeding.  motorized weeder frequently breaks down  because of its gear box. I was informed that the weeder we use now is originally for corn farm which has a dry ground. Unlike in rice, the paddy needs to be filled with water to expedite the weeding process. However, this might be the cause why gear box often breaks down because of direct contact with water. The muddy soil might also add to the weight the gear box carries making it more vulnerable to damage.

3. Develop lighter weeder for deep areas with “ raking” action instead of “ digging”. In naturally deep land areas, weeding is a struggle due to greater effort exerted upon weeding and because deeper areas are more prone to weeds. In Maguid I saw Ganotice’s weder version with nails on the base of wooden weeder. The nails provide a raking action on the weeds beneath. It is also light to operate.  Maybe it will be good for lumasog (deep) areas.

4. Add more weeder.  For a hectare, it takes 5 weeders to finish weeding in a week.  Right now, we only have 4 manual weeders and 2 functional motorized ones. Simultaneously, weeding must be started in all 5.5 hectares( RCF coverage only)  already because weeding must be finished before fertilizing so that weeds won’t compete with rice plants in the nutrients. If we want to promote usage of weeder to control weeds, there must be enough of it.


2 thoughts on “Suggestions on motorized weeder

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested of the motorized rice weeder either 12V battery or engine driven for my rice farm in Masbate, Philippines. May I know where can I purchase the said unit?

    Thank you and more power.

    • Hi Mr. Villaruel,

      Right now, we only sell manual weeders. We don’t have motorized for sale yet. The motorized weeders we use now are to be fine- tuned and subject for development. However, if you are interested in manual, you can contact our Technical head Jerome Losanes. You can contact him at this number 0907-231-9926 or call in our office in General Santos 552-1155. Thanks po.


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