30 tillers. This is the average tiller count of our Sampidao– a  native, fragrant, soft rice variety. This is already an indicator of more yield, however, not all of it are productive tillers because of factor such as pest infestation.

In Kanipaan, most of farmers did direct planting this cropping because of limited budget as a result of the past cropping’s multiple pest outbreak. Recently, they harvested an average of 104 sacks per hectare but with unrestricted use of herbicides and chemical pesticides.

Direct Planters Area Size Variety Harvest
Farmer 1 1 ¼  ha              RC -160 116 sacks
Farmer 2 ½ ha 64 sacks
Farmer 3 1 ¼ ha 124 sacks

Table 1. Average yield- Direct Planting 1

On one hand, our average SRI yield is lower than their average but if we think of sustaining the 30 tillers to make it all productive, developing our weeders to a more efficient level to manage weeds and focus on increasing natural enemies to minimize bug damage , we should reach the same level as of direct planting or even more than that.


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