When there are pests, we always think, “KILL THEM!!!”. But this cropping, “Tyangaw” or Rice bugs are more resilient. Recently, the rice field next to us, harvested ahead of us because his was direct planted and it early matured. His bugs transferred to our ripe plants. To save our crop we sprayed, anti bug chemicals but it didn’t kill them even we used new medicine and increased it’s dosage. Worst, they even multiplied in number.

There is a study (http://ricehoppers.net/2009/09/farms-that-apply-insecticides-for-leaf-folder-control-are-10-times-more-at-risk-to-hopperburn/) about the negative effects of using insecticides to control leaf folders. It says by spraying chemical pesticides, farms are 10x more susceptible to hopper burn because the natural ecosystem services that regulates these hoppers are destroyed. It is clear here that natural predators must be protected.

In case of Rice bugs, maybe it is the same with leaf folders. I have a thought on this: What if we give focus on increasing natural predators? We should let other insects kill them.


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