Model Farm by MCCT Parent Leaders

The once idle lot beside a school is now tilled. Excited T’boli, B’laan and Christian parents gather in their common farm for transplanting. In the front, soon will crawl watermelon and squash after the carrots and sweet corn. In the middle part will grow peppers, tomatoes, eggplants while at the back are crawling vines of bitter gourd and string beans. There are 13 kinds of vegetable and spices growing together for a harvest festival happening on July. While women do transplanting, men install the fish net around the plot for fence. This is what keep the parent leaders of the modified conditional transfer in Barangay San Jose General Santos City busy. In partnership with an international seed company East-West, the model farm is set up to train parents of the Modified Conditional Cash Transfer on vegetable farming so that they will learn means to provide for their children even after the cash grant from the government is released. The goal is, they can continue sending their children to school all up to higher education and feed them nutritious meals as often as they can.
“ Kung wala mo dri Maam, Sus! wala gyud miy ingnani”( without Pasali, we will not have something like this going on) , says a mother Mrs. Ebelita while tilling the soil around the lettuce seedlings.


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