Preparing a land, three youth in Kanipaan struggles as they hold up the tractor to keep it from sinking. This piece of land has the issue of too much ground water. To prevent the weeds from growing as fast as the rice, it needs to be tractored. Usually, for a hand tractor like this, it takes a whole day to finish a hectare for the first plowing and half a day for the second and third plowing. Several times, planting schedules of farmers in Palimbang are affected due to lack of machines like hand tractor. They have to wait for other farmers to finish before they can start preparing their land. As a result, during harvest time, some farmers are already harvesting while other’s crop are still one month to go before the harvest. Worst, the pest loathing on the ripe rice grains of a ripe field are transferring to the adjacent farm with grains just on the milking stage or early ripening stage.

                    With an upgraded tractor, this will aid simultaneous planting and control pest. It will also  lessen the use of herbicides by controlling weed growth and improve productivity of the soil and farmer health. Many youth laborers will be more attracted to farm. This will be able to service up to at least 125 hectares of farm lands (and help around 100 farmer-families).


Youth struggling with sinking tractor


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